Non Destructive Excavations

Hydro Vac Excavations FNQ uses 4m3 hydro-vac units to deliver a unique combination of high pressure water jetting and vacuum loading to simultaneously excavate and remove soil.


Our superior, custom built combo units are able to excavate deeper and further in a quicker time. In contrast to manual or mechanical digging methods, our process of using water to break up soil is non-destructive and can be applied to a variety of infrastructure and construction projects, including but not limited to: trenching for electrical conduits pot holing to determine the exact depths of underground assets excavations for footings, rag bolts etc. sinking of piers excavations for replacing and removing electrical pits As our techniques will not harm poly or concrete pipes, cables or optic fibre we are able to mitigate accidental damage of underground services thus saving clients’ time and costly repairs.

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